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Not able to change the default view to simple view in document library

Question asked by ayushi.agrahari on Mar 26, 2018

Hi all,


I am trying to make the default view in document library to be simple view instead of detailed view.


So,I have changed the following in documentlist.js placed inside project in share/src/main/assembly/components/web


/*viewRendererName: "detailed",*/
         viewRendererName: "simple",


but still the default view is appearing to be detailed view in the document library

can anyone tell me why this is so.


somewhere in the alfresco forum,I have found to edit documentlist.get.js and change

simpleView: ${(preferences.simpleView!false)?string},
simpleView: ${(preferences.simpleView!true)?string},

but there is not such configuration in documentlist.get.js file.

Instead,I tried to change the following in documentlist.get.js file   

      model.preferences.viewRendererName != null ? model.preferences.viewRendererName : "detailed",


       model.preferences.viewRendererName != null ? model.preferences.viewRendererName : "simple",

But it's not working

any help would be greatly appreciated