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POC questions before migrating platform from MS SharePoint 2010 to Alfresco?

Question asked by nattapongk on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by nattapongk


I am interested in Alfresco and looking for a platform migration from MS SharePoint 2010 to Alfresco in order to support EDM. (now I use MS SharePoint 2010 to support EDM in the organization)



Now I am working on proof-of-concept and got a few questions.


1) In MS SharePoint 2010, I use "Document Set" to store multiple files with an assigned list of metadata so I would like to know whether Alfresco has any similar features to "Document Set"?

2) We also need to manage native source files (.docx) separately from final scanned files (.pdf) so I would like to know how Alfresco can support this requirement when both native source file and final scanned files are referenced to the same record.


Thank you so much.