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Task administration in Alfresco process services/Activiti

Question asked by mdtabrezmca on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by salaboy

I have a process with two tasks which is assigned to two different users(user1,user2) the first task T1 is Draft where user1 will fill the form and second task T2 is review where user2 will be able to review the T1 task data and additionally he should be able to fill the review comments.


My question is is there a possibility where administrator ( can be able to edit the data entered by user1 or user2 before or after the task T1 or T2 is completed.Please let me know how can i achieve it in Alfresco process services.
I am wondering is there an public API in alfresco process services which will update the the task details or update the form data attached to task after the task is completed.


I have another question in this regards is there a way i can reopen a task for user with after user completes the task.


Basically i am looking for a process administartion functionalities which can list all the task from all the users and as administrator user should be able to update,delete and reassign the task to any users.