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Activiti Timer event and multitenancy issue

Question asked by goce.stojcev on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by salaboy

Hi there,


I have process definition that includes timer event. When timer elapse, flow is executing a tasks that executes java code.

Definition of that task includes:

Script Format: groovy

Script: MyClass.MyMethod(execution.getVariable("MY_VARIABLE"))


I am using Single "Engine - Shared Database" multi-tenancy functionality of acitiviti engine, and activity is running as part of java spring web application.


Following is how I build the activity deployment when application is started:

DeploymentBuilder deploymentBuilder =


Following is dependency definition in the pom file



Following is the definition for the process definition

ProcessDefinition processDefinition =


My issue is that there are situations when engine is executing  MyClass.MyMethod() for tenant different than the tenant that was used when activity was initiated and process definition was created.

I can see in the database that tenant_id is correctly set for the timer job record, as well as in all other connected records.


Can someone share more info about this. Is this expected behavior or some bug, or there is some wrong usage in my code.