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Cannot upload/update content with AOS behind SSL

Question asked by invernom on Apr 5, 2018



We have a Community version on Centos7 behind apache configured with SSL and ProxyPass and to match.

After some troubles with finding the right apache vhost configuration we managed to have AOS work with "Edit in Microsoft Office.." option for MS documents.

We can now upload content via browser and open documents with Office (tested with 2016), but we cannot save/update any doc. If we do this via MS Office we get an "UPLOAD FAILED Try again later or Save a Copy" message. Also, if we try to upload a file via file explorer to https://<servername>/alfresco/aos/Shared/Newfolder the upload fails at 96% with "Error 0x80070021 The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file."

However, if we use webdav instead of aos (https://<servername>/alfresco/webdav/Shared/Newfolder) we can upload via file explorer or MS office.


Is there something we are missing ? Your help would be greatly appreciated !