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Process Definition Created via REST Not Visible in Designer

Question asked by pbcr on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by salaboy

Somewhat similar to Deployed Process Definition not visible , I think... but on 6.0 release...


I have activiti-app and activiti-rest both deployed and configured to point to the same local MySQL database.


I load my process with this POST:

    curl -u kermit:kermit -v http://localhost:8080/activiti-rest/service/repository/deployments -XPOST  -F "file=@../"

And I can see it's there with this GET:

    curl -u kermit:kermit -v http://localhost:8080/activiti-rest/service/repository/deployments

When I log on to http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/#/  as kermit:kermit I cannot see the app or process definition.


If I create a process and application and publish it from designer, I can see that also appear in the GET output.


All of the process definitions show up in the ACT_RE_PROCDEF database table.


Why isn't my the process I loaded via REST visible in the designer/"activiti-app"?


Am I missing some configuration, or parameter on the POST?