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Create aikau Button for download file

Question asked by iceman0 on Apr 6, 2018



I have recently started developing with aikau in alfresco share. I want to create a button to download the file.


So what I've done so far:
    name: "alfresco/documentlibrary/AlfDocument",
    config: {
        nodeRef: 'workspace://SpacesStore/5c6873a0-ac71-4944-b325-686d47de0f62',
        widgets: [

                id: "DEFAULT_BUTTON",
                name: "alfresco/buttons/AlfButton",
                config: {
                    label: "download file",
                    publishTopic: "ALF_DOWNLOAD_FILE",
                    publishPayloadSubscriptions: [{
                        topic: "ALF_SEARCH_REQUEST"
                    publishPayload: {

Are there any solution to create this button?