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Changing the location of contentstore dir

Question asked by psycdoc on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2018 by cesarista

Hello, I recently installed the 5.2 community edition and I would like to change the content store to be point to another drive on the server (this is an install at home). I have searched the documentation as well as the forums and found several articals on the topic, such as:

How to change location of contentstore dir? 


Everything I read tells me to change the "" to reflect where I want the contentstore to be located. I have searched the alfresco install directory and found the file, however there is no entry for the "dir.contentstore" and "dir.contentstore.deleted" in the file, nor was there a reference to those entries in the sample file. Am I missing something? Was there a change to version 5.2?


Thanks for your help.