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API or method to edit in MS Office

Question asked by coisox on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2018 by coisox

I stored my file.docx in Shared Files > myfolder. Clicking on the document give me URL:



I found similar question Is it possible to implement edit on Microsoft word file that is available in Alfresco UI through restAPI?  but I don't know how to get the URL.


Do I need to install additional stuff like AOS?





To make my question clearer, I made an apps which can upload to Alfresco. I successfully made that. Then all uploaded document are listed in table with features to:

  1. Download (success)
  2. Delete (success)
  3. Edit in OnlyOffice (success)
  4. Edit in MS Office (stuck) <<< my problem is here

All these are possible because after successfully upload to Alfresco, I keep the nodeRef.



After digging into the source code give by Douglas C. R. Paes, here, I came up with this URL pattern but still no good: