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Webscript with guest access requiring authentication

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on Apr 17, 2018
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I have a webscript that have guest access enabled but it still requires me to authenticate when I try to access it on my production instance, though it work fine on my local.


Below is the desc file for the webscript


    <description>Publicly available document list</description>
    <format default="html">argument</format>
    <transaction allow="readonly">required</transaction>


I am hitting the webscript with the below url



the above one works… 

this one doesn't work. It ask me for authentication and I have to put in guest:guest as username:password


I have made sure that the content this webscript is trying to access has Consumer access for the Guest user and in the instance where I am having issue there is no customisation that disable the guest user access.


Please educate me why this is the happening.