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Popup window with form

Question asked by wity on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by wity

I'm trying to create a popup window with a form for editing a conqueror property.


Unfortunately I'm experiencing this error:

ERROR [scripts.forms.FormUIGet] [http-bio-8081-exec-3] org.alfresco.repo.forms.FormNotFoundException: 03180002 A form could not be found for item: [action] edit_uzivatele


The form I have created and "itemId" and "condition" is the same.



Button definition

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibActions">
          <!-- Action definitions -->
               <!-- Publish Document -->
               <action id="pridat-jmeno-uzivatele" icon="ic-publish" type="javascript" label="Upravit uzivatele">
                    <param name="function">onActionFormDialog</param>
                    <param name="itemKind">action</param>
                    <param name="itemId">upravit_uzivatele</param>
                    <param name="mode">create</param>
                    <param name="destination">{node.nodeRef}</param>
                    <param name="successMessage">Hotovo</param>
                    <param name="failureMessage">Chyba</param>

               <!-- For action button to show up at document level -->
               <actionGroup id="document-browse">
                    <action index="460" id="pridat-jmeno-uzivatele" />
               <actionGroup id="document-details">
                    <action index="400" id="pridat-jmeno-uzivatele" />
               <!-- For action button to show up at Folder level -->
               <actionGroup id="folder-browse">
                    <action index="460" id="pridat-jmeno-uzivatele" />
               <actionGroup id="folder-details">
                    <action index="400" id="pridat-jmeno-uzivatele" />


Form definition

     <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="upravit_uzivatele"> <!-- ID for the Repository Action that this form is associated with -->
                         <show id="test:uzivatele" />



After click on the button: "Upravit uzivatele"



Can anyone advise me, please?

Thank you