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Source code for process-services-1.8.1

Question asked by marco.altieri on Apr 23, 2018
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We are thinking to use the "Share Connector" to integrate Alfresco Share with an instance of APS 1.8.1.

The version of ACS is 5.2.2.

After installing and configuring the connector, I can see that Alfresco Share is showing a different page when I start a workflow. This page seems to come directly from the APS. It is a page that belongs to an angular application.

I need to customise the behaviour of this new page and so I tried to download the source code of APS, but I haven't been able to find the correct version.


I cloned the repository at


The repository contains multiple versions and I could find the angular application on in the branch 6.x.

Is this the version that is used to build APS 1.8.1?


I tried to use version 6.x but I found an issue. When I start the script that is contained in the subfolder: modules/activiti-ui, maven starts to download many jars and then it fails because of the dependency cannot be opened as a jar:

.m2/repository/org/activiti/activiti-json-converter/6.0.1-SNAPSHOT/activiti-json-converter-6.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar; error in opening zip file


The file seems to be archived.