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APS Visibility Rules not working in ADF 2.3

Question asked by kevinbeddingfield on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by kevinbeddingfield

I'm using APS 1.8.1 and ADF 2.3 although I've seen the same in APS 1.7 and ADF 2.2.


I'm having a problem with the APS visibility rules not executing within ADF.  


  1. I set up a form in APS and added a couple of visibility rules.
  2. The controls on the form are:
    1. Dropdown A with two values:  "Route" and "Pend To Me"
    2. Dropdown B with four values:  "Claims", "NBUW", "Accounting", and "Customer Service"
    3. Dropdown C with three values:  "Pend for a Day", "Pend for a Week", "Pend for a Month"
  3. The visibility rules:
    1. Show Dropdown B if value in Dropdown A = Route
    2. Show Dropdown C if value in Dropdown A = Pend To Me
  4. I added this form to a simple three part process:  Start Event, User Task, End Event


When running in APS, it works fine.  The visibility rules execute as they should.  When I run in ADF, however, they work fine during the Start New Process event but once they enter the User Task, they no longer work.  


Is there a setting I am overlooking in the ADF set up to allow these rules to execute?  I'm certain they used to work fine in previous version of ADF.