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Redirect to task details on click of app

Question asked by on Apr 24, 2018
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Ciju Joseph

I have process with 2 tasks namely t1 and t2.
I have a case to start a process on clicking the app and redirect it to task details page.
For this I have written code to start the process on click of app now it is started and i want to redirect it to
t1 task details page
in app.view.component.html
<adf-apps (appClick)="onAppClickStartProcess($event)"></adf-apps>

in app.view.component.ts
onAppClickStartProcess(app: AppDefinitionRepresentationModel) {
this.apppid1 =;
data => {
this.apppid = data;
this.exdepId = this.apppid[0].id;

this.processService.startProcess(this.exdepId, "aaa", "", "", [])

data => {
//at precent redirecting to this route
this.router.navigate(['activiti/apps', || 0, 'tasks']);
//but it should redirect to this route
//this.router.navigate(['activiti/apps', || 0, 'tasks', taskid]);



Kindly help me out. 


Thanks & Regards

Anita Patil