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Error updating cm:categories using CMIS

Question asked by redflow on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by redflow

Hi all

I get this error:

{"exception":"runtime","message":"03240394 Invalid node ref - does not contain forward slash: 590abfb1-a741-46dc-94c3-c6e8f6c53af5"}

when I try to set cm:categories for an object.


The id is a correct id of a category manually created in Alfresco (getted using CMIS).


I'm using PortCMIS and after creating a folder with all the aspects I try to update categories (I get the same error if I put the categories in the properties during the creation).

properties = new Dictionary<stringobject>(); properties.Add("cm:categories", categories); newFolder.UpdateProperties(properties,true);

categories is a List<string> with all the ID of the categories I need.


I guess it's the wrong way to put the categories in the properties.....

I'm becoming crazy!


Thank you for any advice