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Multiple relation between nodes possible?

Question asked by odpas on Apr 26, 2018
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I have been searching but I didn't find the feature I was looking for. Is it possible in Alfresco anyway to establish relations between nodes? I


know that the common possible relation are:

Node Associations

There are two types of associations:

  • Parent to Child associations - these are for example folder to file associations where deleting the folder will cascade delete its children.
  • Peer to Peer - an example could be article to image associations where deleting the article does not affect the related image node(s). These associations are also referred to as source to target associations.


But is it possible to have, for example, one node, with a relationship with another several nodes that are no related to him (no parent nor children), so, If I retrieve this node, and search for his related nodes, I will get a list of them.


Is this possible?