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Can we run just the repository without Alfresco share or community?

Question asked by elcamino on Apr 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2018 by afaust



Just downloaded your Alfresco community edition & played around with it a little bit (used Alfresco Share UI to upload some files).


Im looking for following functionality, that can be implemented in my java server. (see list below).


1) User can upload files to repository _uploadFile(file..)

2) File versioning is required               _getlatestversion()

3) Need to know which user uploaded which version of the file _getwhoUploadedFile()


I was wondering, do I really need the full Alfresco community or can I simply download say repository package, users package, & file versioning package dependencies (assuming those packages exist)?


What should I download or setup to get this to work ?