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Is there a more easy way to upgrade Alfresco?

Question asked by jacotec on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by afaust


I've deployed Alfresco nearly a year ago (Version 201704) for my private use. That took me 2-3 days, mostly reading how that works and configuring an OCR server for it.


Normally I keep my software up-to-date, but I was always afraid of doing an upgrade to my Alfresco installation because that seems to be like a full new installation ... including the configuration, re-installing and configuring the packages. Likely again two days of trying around how I did this a year ago.


Isn't there really a more easy way of upgrading? Any other software I'm using, and that's quite a lot, you just "dpkg" it over if it's not an archive, or stop the service, copy the new files over, restore the config files and start the service again.


I can't imagine everyone is doing a new install in parallel for every upgrade?!?


Backup in case something goes wrong is no problem ... I'll just do a snapshot of the VM and will be back in a minute if shit happens.


Any ideas are highly appreciated.