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UserQuery.userId(1) returns empty list of users

Question asked by prashantgadgil on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by prashantgadgil

I have an Activiti form (Alfresco Process Services) where I have a people control from the default stencil.

I am trying to get the email address of the user selected on the form (n example below, I selected Administrator user). In the java delegate after the form submit, I am doing this to get the user 


however the query result is returning of length 0 so singleResult is returning null. So I cant get the email address.


I checked in the users table, there is administrator user with Id = 1.


this is the first time I am trying to use this API. Am I missing something?


Is there any other way of getting the user for UserId = 1?


thanks in adavance..