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activiti-admin isn't standalone application? Does it requires activti-app and activiti-rest as well?

Question asked by laks on May 2, 2018



We have widely used activiti 5.X version(Activti-Explorer, Activiti Engine). When I look at activti 6.0.0 there are increased number of modules which is bit hard to understand which is for what.


Any good documentation explaining the purpose of each module?

Please advise.


Following are the specific queries related to activiti 6.


1) In Activiti 6.0.0, What should we do if I just want to use the activit-admin.war without deploying activiti-app.war? It means I need to deploy activiti-admin.war as a standalone application without deploying any other modules(activiti-app or activti-rest). I want UI mainly to upload process definition bundle(as zip), monitor the failed jobs, manually retry them if needed. We would have the direct calls to the engine apis. So we actually don't need to deploy activiti-rest.war either.

Please advise.


2) Is it possible to access Activiti Engine API's directly from the activiti-admin application without configuring any rest endpoints? 

Please advise.


3. I have done the below changes and was able to deploy both activiti-admin and activiti-app both are pointing to single DB schema. Also, I am able to successfully login to both applications(please find the attached error). However, I am getting 'Invalid credential'  error while configuring the 'Activit rest endpoint'  in activti-admin.(please find the attached error).


Please note: 

I have pulled out following (DB scripts) and running it separately. Also I have commented the liquibase bean creation in the to skip the liquibase.

DB is MSSQL Server 2008/Tomcat 7.X server

Not sure why I am getting this error. Pls advise


4) Also what is the configuration/files I should be changing to have authentication via Kerberos and authorization is via LDAP. Which means that we can't use any of the default users/roles.

Please advise.