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Add weighting to search fields (including custom model) - Solr 4

Question asked by btagis on May 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 3, 2018 by cesarista

Hello all,


We're implementing a small-scale Alfresco (Community edition, 2018-03) installation in my office, and it does most of what we need out of the box. We do however need to tweak some things.


I'm trying to tune our search results in Alfresco and having a tough time trying to find how to do this. I'd like to add weighting to specific fields, for example, if a term is matched within cm:title, assign it a weighting greater than that of cm:description. I'd like that to come through in the 'score'.


I would also like to bump up the weighting within search results from my own custom (bootstrapped) model.


The most likely suspect I see is the Solr 4 configuration in \alfresco-community\solr4\workspace-SpacesStore\conf\solrconfig.xml, but I'm not sure whether this file is in use, how the solr fields relate to those in Alfresco, or how I'd go about referencing custom model entities.


Regards, Ben.