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Why are Spring context files locked inside of jar files instead of appearing in WEB-INF/classes structure?

Question asked by jamen on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by afaust

As an experienced Alfresco CS developer customisation is a last resort.  I've discovered that there are more and more NON-Java resources (such as Spring context files, properties) that are being packaged within the jar files of the war.  Is this deliberate or an unforeseen side-effect of SDK refactoring that happened with SDK updates from version 5.x onwards?


This is causing significant issues in my environment and for how my organisation and I can support Alfresco applications.  Embedding within the jar also prevents developers from fully being able to exploit the open source nature of the product.


I will note that there are some additional organisational constraints that my team and I have as well that prevent us from using Maven on a day to day basis.  This means that we are tied more to the resultant application package Alfresco provide with a separate process for us to fetch source/SDK resources and conduct any changes we need.