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How to get audit trail of existing documents with new Audit Application

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on May 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by hiten.rastogi

Hi All,


We started displaying audit trail on our alfresco instance with the help this link but later we figured out some issues with this approach e.g. when a doc was moved all the audit trail was lost for the doc as the audit trail was calculated based on nodepath of the doc so we decide to move to noderef but alfresco access doesn't capture noderef though it produces it.


Therefore, we decided to build our own audit application similar to alfresco-access but capturing the node now with the help of this link. It worked well but the moment we tried to fetch the audit of existing docs we got to know that audit won't show up for them; it work well for new docs.


So now as I see I might need to override the existing alfresco-access-audit.xml file and include the node capturing RecordValue tag in it(not sure whether this will help) but so far I am not able to, I have kept the alfresco-access-audit.xml under alfresco/audit in my repo project(Please correct me here how I can override the file if I am doing wrong) as putting under alfresco/extension/audit didn't worked for me.


Here is my java class and here is my overridden alfresco-access-audit.xml file.


So I want to know

1. Will overriding  alfresco-access-audit.xml help me show the audit entries of previous docs as well as new docs.

2. Is there another way by which I can overcome this issue.





Hiten Rastogi