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LoginModule loading

Question asked by anakin59490 on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by eugenio_romano


i used yeoman in order to generate my adf content app.

(GitHub - Alfresco/generator-ng2-alfresco-app: Yeoman Generator Angular 2 Alfresco Application )


I would like to change logo size on login page and i have found this doc :

Adding Navigation, Menu, Toolbar, and Logout to your ADF 2.0 App  


I use also Webstorm (see "Styling your Login page" in documentation)

but the login.component file used in my project is located in : /node_modules/@alfresco/adf-core/login/components

 So i have installed adf login component : Alfresco Angular 2 Components Catalog but i don't know how to change the LoginModule that is loading (it's always the same) ...


Thank you in advance