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Alfresco 6.0 and CMIS 1.1 AtomPub Service Document

Question asked by taran2la on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by robl

Hello everyone


I have an application which uses PortCMIS (.NET) library to interact with Alfresco repositories.

It works as expected with 5.0-5.2 versions, but I get an error with locally installed Alfresco (Alfresco Community Edition 201802 EA).


If I try to create a session and get the repository id, an HTTP GET request is sent to receive CMIS 1.1 AtomPub Service Document ( As a result I get "Unauthorized" exception.


The problem also appears in browsers: If I go to and click "CMIS 1.1 AtomPub Service Document" link, then I will get a response with status code 401.

{     "status" :    {     "code" : 401,     "name" : "Unauthorized",     "description" : "The request requires HTTP authentication."   },        "message" : "04140012 Authentication failed for Web Script org\/alfresco\/api\/opencmis\/OpenCMIS.get",     "exception" : "",      "callstack" :    [               ],      "server" : "Community Early Access v6.0.2 (r9a538671-b197) schema 10 201",   "time" : "14.05.2018 19:31:53" }


In Alfresco 5.* after clicking on "CMIS 1.1 AtomPub Service Document" link an alert window appears with username/password fields. But in 6.0 version the alert window is not appearing and therefore the authentication is missing.


Is it possible to avoid this error somehow? For example authenticate the user with other HTTP request (which would be equal to alert window with username/password fields)?


Thanks for help!