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case sensitive usernames "john_doe" not "John_Doe"

Question asked by rken on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by angelborroy

Hello Alfresco Users!


I am currently using the latest version of Alfresco Community Edition.

When I or another user invites an external user, they may sometimes use capital letters for the first letter of the firstname and surname.


Which you think is correct right?


If I was inviting John Doe to my Alfresco I would type his details into the Add External Users box like this:


First Name: John

Last Name: Doe



But for some reason, his username is generated case sensitive using the details that I have entered so he would have to log in as John_Doe not john_doe. This is a pain!


and sometimes, our users typo the first and lastname and do something like jOhn_Doe or john_Doe and then thats an even bigger pain.


How do I fix this? I have followed the case insensitive how tos on the Alfresco Docs but that doesnt seem to work

I am using PostgresQL with this

Can this be fixed permanently? Can I correct existing users?


Thanks in advance,