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Closed workflow history related with document

Question asked by djarty on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by djarty


Have site and document library with docs in it.

Some workflow (one per doc) starting with some doc.

We can see icon in doclist - this doc is under workflow - good.

Workflow ending and closed. 

Now we see just "clean" doc like no workflows was already done.


So, need too see in doclib - this document already was under workflow and workflow closed. Logically - possibility to quick see this closed worflow. 

I think it can be something like doc model property or aspect looking like link named "Done" with url to closed workflow.


How to realise this? Or may be another way to see - "some job under this doc was done". 

(Really strange why its not realised by default. Found some request under 10 years ago - and still nothing?)


Thank you!