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integrate alfresco to existing java application

Question asked by ayoub on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by jpotts

I have an application for customer/contract/product management developped by angularJS/Rest ws/Spring/ hibernate and postrgreSql, this app is called ERM Now I need to integrate doc management related to contracts and products The differents operation on docs  are :


  a) Upload, retreave docs -

  b) Searching docs -

  c) Opening doc office -

  d) editing in real time doc office -

  e) versioning docs -

  f) archiving docs -

  g) notifiction for any doc modif -

  h) ocr to text -

  i) design a bmp model workflow for contracts/product, docs can be attatched to any step of contract.


I have get the advice to add the repository server side of alfrescoo and call doc management by REST API from my application ERM. someone else tell me to call repository side via webscript


Q1) what are the different wetween REST API and webscript and which is the best method
Q2) Is there an advantage to use only server alfresco without the front side ?
Q3) is there some links presenting the same architecture and how install and to tune ?
Q4) is the enough to manage doc (because I did't find for example upload pr retrieve doc)
Q5) Which of the features described above are part of the server side ?
Q6) Is bpm workflow part of front side ?
Q7) I will use jbpm to manage workflow steps for contracts/products, but docs follow also the same workflow, with alfresco it is a must to use it's bpm (activity module), how can choose my bpm ?
Q8) Is ocr of alfresco part of front side or server side ?
Q9) Is there a solution to integrate front alfresco with my own front ?
Q10) is there the necessity to remake from scratch my own work with alfresco to homogeneous developement ?