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Looking for Alfresco book recommendations

Question asked by afielden on May 31, 2018
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I'm looking for any books which can help a developer understand Alfresco and how to customise it. I found that the online material can be a bit fragmented, and sometimes difficult to follow. There's certainly a lot of information, which is very much appreciated, but I think the platform has evolved, and the material is a little disjointed. Needs something to tie it together, which is why I looked for a book on the subject.

The most up to date book I came across so far is this one by Jeff Potts - 


Are there any other books or training resources which could be useful to a developer starting out with Alfresco?

I checked on Pluralsight, but unfortunately there's nothing on there for Alfresco. Maybe someone from Alfresco could look into providing a video tutorial course there?