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Where I can find outbound messaging services of Workday?

Question asked by bargavi on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by douglascrp

I am working on third-party integration with Workday. For this, I am using Workday Web Services API. I have done the implementation to get the data based on some filters from Workday using Workday API. Now I need to get real time data when any business event (Update Employee) occur in Workday using API but don't get success in it.

I have searched on getting data in real time when any business event occur in Workday and found the following:

According to Workday, Outbound Messaging Services are used to provide real- time notifications to external applications when business events occur within Workday. For example, the workflow behind the “Hire” event in Workday could be configured to publish an outbound message to a subscribing third- party system. Upon receipt of the real-time notification, the subscribing system could then query Workday (using the public API) to get details about the “Hire” (e.g., employee information, job related information, etc.) and then take appropriate action.

Where I can find these outbound messaging services?