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Sub process to main process

Question asked by amruta.w on Jun 5, 2018
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I have created two process as "Final Process" and "Call activity process". In "Final Process" i'm calling "Call activity process" using the collapsed sub process. In the "Call activity process" have three task, the first task is assigned to initiator and the next two task are assigned to different user. My case is User starts the "Final Process" first task(as user is the initiator) and the sub process first task then it should return to "Final Process" first task, and the remaining "Call activity process" task should perform without any interruption but it is not working like this it waits to complete the "Call activity process" then returns to "Final Process" first task.


How can i achieve this? kindly anyone help me.


Here I have attached the my process zip file.


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Amruta Wandakar