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Can't find scripting engine for "JavaScript'

Question asked by lantzh on Jun 11, 2018
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I'm running a custom application that utilizes Activiti 5.20 mainly through the REST API under Apache Tomcat. Recently our MySQL database had to be restored from backup. The restored Activiti database appears to be identical to the one pre-restoration, and the application is largely working except when I attempt to start a new process instance and get the following: "can't find scripting engine for "JavaScript".


If I enter Activiti Explorer and try to start a new process manually from the "Deployed Process Definitions" tab, the same error pops up.  None of the Activiti files were touched and the database is the same, so I'm stumped as to why Activit can no longer find the scripting engine. 


The Tomcat log does not indicate any errors. JDK was updated to 1.8 xxx a few weeks ago, but that did not affect the application.


Assistance would be greatly appreciated!