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callActivity element and activiti:async="true" in main process

Question asked by sidzej on Jun 12, 2018
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What I want to do: rearange big process and move group of elements into separate bpmn diagrams. After creation of small diagrams use them in big process by calling callActiviti element.


Version: 5.20.0


Current behavior: there are 5 instances that process stuff from a single database. Because of using the activiti:asnyc="true" in bpmn diagrams, in each job obtaining "tick" we process in one "tick" at most one job from this process and the process is "locked" for other instances.


Question: If the following element will be used in "main" diagram:

<callActivity id="X" name="Y" calledElement="subprocess-diagram">
    <activiti:in source="variable" target="variable" />

will the behavior of processing at most one element at a time will still work? Will the job acquisition notice that sub-process from callActiviti is part of the main-process and prevent from processing in same "tick" more than one element? If not, do you have any advice how to keep this behavior after refactoring into sub-diagrams?