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How to load document details page in a new popup

Question asked by hemantkpn on Jun 14, 2018



I want to customize the Task / Workflow Details page that is loaded on the View Task action in task list page.


This page loads a list of documents that are part of the workflow. When clicked on the document link, it loads a new page with document preview and details. However, I want to load this document details page in a new popup window. Currently it loads the document details page in the same window which is frustrating as I have to go back and forth in case of multiple documents in the list. I can right click and open the details page in a new tab but I would be happy if it loads in a new popup window. 


I tried to look around and see that following code is responsible for generating document url in packageitems.ftl:


return Alfresco.util.siteURL(path, { site: });


However, I don't know where it gets called from and how I can load it in a new popup.