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Grant user permission to sharing folder within period time.

Question asked by dreamanglekaka on Jun 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by afaust

Hi Guys,


I would ask once case regarding User Permission on Sharing folder.

Because we have a number of folders need to manage in File Server, and a number of Users need to work on several sharing folders. So it's hard to manage them when they are always IN-OUT on a lot of folders with short time.

Let's say: User A need access to Folder B in one month, then he will leave. (I should be removed him out of Folder B when he left)

So there are any ways that We can do a workflow or automation for Sharing folder.

E.g: There will have a form to chose which User that I need to grant permission. After I grant permission, next choice will chose when user will leave. Afterward the system will automatically remove that user out of sharing folder.

Hopefully, you guys can understand what I said


Thanks for your respond!