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Alfresco login with custom authentication system

Question asked by signjoy on Jun 19, 2018
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We have customized Alfresco login in order to validate user's credentials against our custom authentication system called AUS.


We have created our own class that extends AbstractAuthenticationComponent. In the authenticateImpl method we are making request to AUS and if the credentials are failed then it will go to check the credentials against Alfresco. 


We have another application that connects to Alfresco using CMIS api. This application keeps the CMIS session object alive for each request. But as each and every request goes through the authenticateImple method we are getting multiple calls to the AUS system. I think it is because the nature of the CMIS (REST).


We want to make the call to the AUS system only once when the first CMIS session created and first request comes to Alfresco or for the first login. In short no matter from where user logs in (Share, CMIS, WebDav, etc) there should be only one call to the AUS for that session.


Thanks you in advance