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Sub-process not getting started

Question asked by amruta.w on Jun 20, 2018
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I have created the process using sub process concept, throwing and catching signal events.


In my first sub process i have first task as Draft, in this task if i click on "injury report" it starts sucessfully 2nd sub process for the first time, in this 2nd sub process after completing first task("Draft Injury") it returns to 1st sub process by sending data through script task and that pushes in the dynamic table of the "Draft" task, as well as 2nd sub process next task("Investigate Injury") starts. After returning to 1st sub process if i click again on "injury report" it will not start the 2nd sub process again it will redirect to 2nd sub process "Investigate Injury" instead of "Draft Injury".



Here I have attached my app. Kindly anyone help me out in this.



Amruta Wandakar