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IOS App can't connect after changing proxy from NGINX to HAPROXY (Server error)

Question asked by jacotec on Jun 21, 2018


I'm really getting crazy hunting this issue:

I was running Alfresco behind an NGINX reverse proxy for almost a year without any kind of issue. Everything justt worked fine.


I now changed my main proxy from NGINX to HAPROXY now - having no issues with any sites and no issue with accessing Alfresco by web, SMB, webdav - only our IOS apps are not connecting anymore!


When putting my site in and enabling "Diagnostics" it says: Network OK, Server not OK.


I can access any folder (, without issues also on the iPad via Safari.


It's just the mobile app which has an unknown problem and which does not give me any kind of feedback what it does not like.


Following this thread iOS 9.2.1iOS 9.2.1 /iPad not able to access Alfresco server using Alfresco Mobile App / Unable to SAVE Account  I already ensured that ProxyName and ProxyPort is correctly set in my Tomcat connector.


I'm really helpless ... HAPROXY does the same with the same ports and subdomain the NGINX proxy does. It's also hosting the LetsEncrypt certificate, same as the NGINX. The only difference is that it's now a wildcard domain * instead of a single one (


Any ideas here? Is there a hidden debug mode in the IOS app which gives me proper information instead of just "Server not OK"?