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how to get Custom Form Stencil in APS Workspace

Question asked by sravand on Jun 21, 2018
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I am working on creating a form stencil. When I create one in APS, I am able to see the rendered form correctly in APS UI but when I navigate to localhost:8080/activiti-app/workspace, I see a message as Unknown type:my-stencil-identifier-name. 
My goal is to develop a custom stencil which I can share with others.  
I am able to develop an ADF application and when I run it, I see my custom form. But I would like to see it through workspace app which comes out of the box. Now since it only works through ADF(localhost:4200/apps) my stencil is not as useful as I want it to be.
Is there any other way I can create a form stencil which can be rendered using ADF that I can share ? 
Here you can see my  sample stencil
Form runtime template
<textarea id="name_of_user" name="username"  placeHolder="Please enter your name here..."   (change)="storeUserName()"></textarea>
function storeUserName()
//url using post method to store the name in the DB'
When I follow the below link 
Iam not able to hit the URL from ADF app
Thank you