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Alfresco Permission Instability

Question asked by sakshik on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by sakshik

Hi All,


We have been facing severe permission issues lately. Anyone who is not in group ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS, is not able to access many folders inside alfresco despite having write permissions to that folder. The user is not able to see the logo of the site too.



There are two folders inside the above path rev.1.1 and rev1. Both of them have identical permissions applied[same groups with same roles]. When I login as a non-admin user to alfresco, I am able to get into rev1 but not rev.1.1.



Also I see the following message besides every folder in alfresco except the folders modified by myself:



Here blackri is not a deleted user. He is an active user accessing our site every day.


As soon as I add myself to ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS, I can access any folder and then I don't even see the above message.

Anyone faced a similar issue or have an insight.