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Solr indexes path - Setting data.dir.root in file

Question asked by kartech11 on Jul 2, 2018

I am setting up alfresco 5.2.3 manually along with solr4 setup.


Based on the documentation below

Installing and configuring Solr | Alfresco Documentation 


What should my data.dir.root path be as specified in step 5? Can the location of the Solr indexes be any path I would want it to be?


My tomcat home location is - C:\dev\tools\tomcat

My alfresco home (5.2.3 distribution is) - C:\dev\tools\alfresco\alfresco-content-services-distribution-5.2.3

Within the alfresco I have a solr4 folder that has all the config & stores (archive/workspace) - C:\dev\tools\alfresco\alfresco-content-services-distribution-5.2.3\solr4


For each core, edit the file:

  • archive-SpacesStore/conf/
  • workspace-SpacesStore/conf/

Set the data.dir.root property to the location where the Solr indexes will be stored. You can set the same value for the both cores, and the cores will create the sub-directories.