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Sharing folders publicly with password protection

Question asked by onkovic on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by onkovic

Dear all,


for a lot of business use cases, we need to be able to share certain folders with non-registered users in a similar fashion as how it is possible on ownCloud, Nextcloud, OneDrive or Dropbox:



The idea is to give external business partners viewing rights for certain folders without having to put in the effort of registering every single business partner in Alfresco, setting their permissions and deleting their accounts after the partnership ended.


This could easily be achieved by:


  1. Generating a public link to the folder
  2. Enabling a password protection for that folder



However, I did not manage to find such a functionality. Is there something completely obvious that I'm missing, does Alfresco not have such a feature or is there an Add-On for this?



Thank you very much!