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How to calculate total docs in alfresco?

Question asked by yogeshpj on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by charlesdaumont

I am planning to do re-indexing of couple of tera bytes data in alfresco.


For that, I am doing re-indexing with smaller set of data and make benchmark on that and tune as deeply it can be.
After measuring performance for smaller set of data, calculate re-indexing time for actual data.


To have benchmark and get some initial idea how much time it will take to re-index, I was calculating number of alfresco documents. ( Is this right approach or should we consider data size or something else ? )


What is exact way to calculate number of docs in alfresco.


1) Check number of raw in alf_node tables with workspace filter.
2) Write java or java-script to measure number total docs with cm:content type.
3) Query in SOLR for cm:content type.


We are using alfresco 5.2.2 enterprise with SOLR 4.