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SpringBoot2 and Activiti for simple workflow application

Question asked by piesekleszekleszek on Jul 3, 2018
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Dear Support,


Me and my team, we're doing the academic project for a kind of car rental application. In order to do this, we're also require to implement some Business Process Framework. As it seems, that the Activity was the really right choice, we have chosen this engine.


Our application is backend microservice, which runs with Springboot2, right now jpa with H2 Database (MySQL as soon as it will reach some more functionalities) and no spring security implemented yet. For this project I would actually like to implement Activity as rest api. From many documents, tutorials and websites I understood that it will be fine to use activiti-spring-boot-starter-basic.

However, I am not able to properly set it up. In order, to do some basic training, I followed this tutorial How to start Activiti + Spring JPA with Spring Boot - JavaSampleApproach .


It was working fine, when I was using older springboot version (below 2). But our academic project is based on springboot 2, so I tried also to do some refactoring of this training project . I tried to use Activit v7 instead of the 5.x. Nothing worked:-(


Right now I have an test error while doing mvn clean install. You can find attached log with error in the files:

* com.mjuapps.actividemo.ActiviDemoApplicationTests.txt

* TEST-com.mjuapps.actividemo.ActiviDemoApplicationTests.xml


You can also find repo with the this tutorial Project here: GitHub - mjuTutorials/activiti-basic-demo 


What I would kindly request, is to explain how to:

  1. setup pom.xml with Activit and springboot 2
  2. Any additional codes lines required in order to make it working with this really simple process which is in the resources