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alfresco community 6.0: highlight not works in search

Question asked by sunjian_xy on Jul 4, 2018

I developed an application based on alfresco community 5.2 (choosing solr4), using alfresco as backend server. Recently, I have been testing the new releases of alfresco community 6.0, that is, 201804-EA and 201806-GA, with the docker distributions composed of image:

    alfresco-content-repository 6.0.5-ea/6.0.7-ga,

    alfresco-search-services 1.1.1/,

    alfresco-share 6.0.x


I noticed that the highlight feature of search function (api) doesn't work as it does in 5.2. The response of search api were correct except that highlight part being empty. 


An pair of example request and response are attached to this question, in which I was searching for documents whose name or text contains 'aaa'.


I will be very grateful if you could give me any advices.