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Hide a Site from Dashboard, Activities, Search

Question asked by coisox on Jul 6, 2018

I create a site called "External". This site is used to store documents from 3rd party web apps. Means, the 3rd party apps trigger Alfresco API to manage the documents.


At the same time, I want to allow user to log into Alfresco and manage their own site/documents there. But I dont want them to mess (edit, add, delete) with any documents in the "External" site. So I need to "hide" the "External" site from:

  1. Dashbard
    1. My activities
    2. I've Recently Modified
  2. Search result when user search something from the navigation bar


FYI, I only want to hide/disable the access/features from within the Alfresco site itself but I still want to access them via 3rd party apps via Alfresco API including the Search API.


For the time being, I can hide (at least to some non tech people who don't know about inspect element) some of the access using CSS like:

.dijitMenuTable .dijitMenuItem[title="External"] { display:none; }