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In audit trail for some properties names getting null for OOB

Question asked by kranthi on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by krutik.jayswal

Hi ,


Audit trails for some property names getting null for OOB model, written condition for checking properties using dictionaryServices but not getting properties names. I wrote substring condition for getting name with property definition. find the Java snippet:

Map propMap = (Map) o;    
  propMap.forEach((k, v) -> {
         if (dictionaryService.getProperty((QName) k) != null) {     
         cell.append(dictionaryService.getProperty((QName) k).getTitle(dictionaryService) + " = " + v + "\n");  
       } else {
             cell.append(k.toString().substring(k.toString().lastIndexOf("}") + 1, k.toString().length()) + v + "\n");

Mainly getting issue when I clicked document for edit offline at that time for some properties getting null. Find the below pictures for the issue: