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Tooltip fails to work in data-column component

Question asked by anshu.kumar on Jul 11, 2018
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I am using ADF 2.3.0 and ACS 5.2.1 to configure Data Column Component in Document list component.


Without column template, tooltip works just fine.

But when column template is provided for any data-column like


<data-column title="Name" key="name" class="full-width ellipsis-cell">
<ng-template let-value="value">
<span>{{ value }}</span>


<data-column title="Name" key="name" class="full-width ellipsis-cell">
<ng-template let-context="$implicit">


the tooltip for that column does not show the value. Instead of showing the row value, it shows the title of the column(i.e., Name) in above case.


I even tried to use custom tooltip using formatTooltip function but it seems it does not work when column template is provided.


Can you help guide me here? Thanks.