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Process instance navigation

Question asked by mdtabrezmca on Jul 12, 2018

Hi All, 

I have a scenario where i have process “P1” with tasks (Draft, Review, Approve) and process “P2” with tasks(Subject, Approve, Finalize).

I have started  process “P1” instance and execution flow is in "Draft" and I want to show the grid in "Draft"  task with process instance details of  “P2” (Here I can use form stencil which shows the process instance details of the “P1”). From this point just above the grid I want to have a button “ADD NEW” on click of this a new process instance of “P2” should be created parallelly and execution should flow in process “P2” from here. In Process “P2”  task “Subject” should have a button “Back to P1” on click of this I should be able to navigate to “P1” task “Draft”

Basically I want two process instance(P1,P2) to run parallelly and  from one instance(P1) I want to enter in to the execution flow of another instance(P2) and vice versa.

Please let me know any thoughts from both APS Designer and ADF.

Any Examples with this regard is really help full