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Deployed new bpmn files but fetching both old &new files instead of latest one

Question asked by aravindroyal on Jul 13, 2018
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We have upgrade activiti from 5.13 to 5.22,and we faced a issue with assignment bean so we replaced the bpmn files.  We have other own application where it will fetch only latest deployed process files from activiti bpm from deployedprocessdefinitions, but it is fetching both old and new processes, due to that it conflicting my application configurations as it is displaying two process with same names.  Note:If i new 2-3new bpmn files with same proc_def_id also it is overridding new file but old file not over ridding.  We suspended the old process also, then in deployedprocessdefinitions tab it is displaying 1 process but when application calling activiti is returning 2 processes   May know how to solve this or from which DB  deployedprocessdefinitions is getting that i can do some changes to that DB like it will not affect old instances